Sibelius Hall

The Lahti Symphony Orchestra’s home concert hall is located at the Sibelius Hall in Lahti, a wooden congress and concert centre completed in March 2000. The orchestra’s new home concert hall has outstanding acoustics that are considered one of the best internationally. Sibelius Hall has provided the Lahti Symphony Orchestra more opportunities to expand its authentic sound. Main Hall like a grand Instrument

The Main Hall is an acoustic miracle. Its unique surroundings create unforgettable musical memories for the concert visitors. The auditorium, the stage and the balconies from an oval structure inside the so-called shoebox hall. Adjustable acoustics is achieved by a moving canopy above the stage, the reverberance chambers along the sidewalls with 188 acoustics doors and the woolen acoustic banners. The auditorium’s corrugated walls scatter reflecting sounds. Space has been reserved for a concert organ behind the stage balcony.  The sophisticated colouring of the Main Hall is a combination of graphite grey, natural white and the warm red of old string instruments. The floor is made of oil- and heat-treated smoke birch parquet. A glass facade covers the massive wall elements, the sandwich-structured laminated veneer lumber panels, filled with sand (18 cm thick insulation) and mineral wool. The vast open space between the glass wall and the elements improves the hall’s sound insulation. All main Hall’s load-bearing structures are made of glued laminated timber.

1229 seats:

  • 382 on lower floor
  • 268 on upper floor
  • 18 in stalls
  • 247 on 1st balcony
  • 187 on 2nd balcony
  • 129 on stage balcony

The entrances to the seats on the main floor are through the reverberation chambers while the entrances to the balconies are directly from the Forest Hall balconies.

Sibelius Hall seating orientation

Sibelius Hall – Main Hall


Sibelius Hall
Ankkurikatu 7, 15140 Lahti, Finland

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Transportation connections

Bus connection:
The bus no. 3 goes to Sibelius Hall. The bus schedule and route can be seen here.

Bus connection Helsinki – Lahti – Helsinki:
From Helsinki To Lahti 16.00 – 17.35
From Helsinki To Lahti 17.00 – 18.30

From Lahti to Helsinki 22.10 – 23.30
From Lahti to Helsinki 22.35 – 23.59

Train connections:
The fastest train from Helsinki to Lahti takes about 50 min and the trains operate multiple times an hour.
The distance between Lahti Travel Centre and Sibelius Hall is about 3 km.
After arriving to Lahti Travel Centre you can take the bus no. 17 to get to Sibelius Hall.
You can find the train schedule and other information from

Lahti taxi:
In front of Sibelius Hall there is a taxi stop and on concert evenings there are many taxis available after the concert.
You can also order a taxi by calling: +358 601 100 01
More information: