Art testers


Art Testers is a major project, funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, that enables each Year 8 pupil to have two culture-based visits over a three-year period. The intention is to offer schoolchildren an unforgettable artistic experience, that might provide the impulse for a lifelong interest in culture. The Lahti Symphony Orchestra’s Art Testers concert in the autumn of 2017 was attended by Year 8 pupils from Lahti and the surrounding area.

Art Testing begins in the autumn of 2017.

Wed 1.11.2017 at 12.30 pm
Thu 2.11.2017 at 10 am Sibelius Hall

Sinfonia Lahti
Atso Almila, conductor

Script and director: Väinö Weckström

Werneri Heinonen
Kaisla Kilpilampi
Emil Multanen
Joonas Mäkipää
Henna Määttänen
Roosa Vilén