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Lahti Historical Museum
Lahti Historical Museum is situated in the former main building of Lahti manor house. The purpose of the Historical Museum is to collect, document, research, exhibit and publish historical, cultural-historical and ethnological material and oral tradition in its own area. The museum operates as the provincial museum of the Päijät-Häme region. Special exhibitions are situated at the first and third floor of the museum. The second floor hosts the permanent exhibition of the Klaus Holma Memorial Collection.

Lahti Art Museum
The Lahti Art Museum was established in 1950 and, since then, it has been situated at Vesijärvenkatu 11, in connection with the City Technical Office. In the exhibition department at street level there are constantly changing exhibitions showing old and modern art and graphic design both from Finland and from abroad. The is no permanent exhibition at all, but works from the museums’s are being shown mainly at different theme exhibitions.

Radio And TV Museum
The Radio and TV Museum has the most interactive and recent exhibitions in the museum field in Finland! The museum’s new interactive exhibits invite you to take part in ie. Chromakeystudio’s magical world. You are invited!

Ski Museum
Lahti Ski Museum is situated at the Lahti Sports Centre, only a short walk from Lahti city centre. The interactive section of the museum offers snow sports fun for all ages – all year round! Experience the thrill of ski jumping safely in a simulator or challege yourself or your team in cross-country skiing or biathlon.

Lahti City Museums